All About Cedar

Before You Buy: Quality and What to Expect

The following are things that we do not consider to be a defect. Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is a solid wood product, made naturally by God, Himself, it is unique and will most likely not be flawless upon delivery.

Cedar Furniture Lodge, LLC (CFL), will not be held responsible for loss of money, time, or assets due to defective or broken parts. We try to make our products so that they represent what is pictured on our site, but no guarantees that this solid wood product will be flawless upon delivery.

If you receive a product that not structurally sound or was damaged during shipping, we will make every effort to correct your problem at no additional cost to you.

Any product we sell may contain the following:

  • Checking: Minor cracks that do not affect the structure of the wood. These typically do not go all the way through, but can.
  • Knots / Pith: Typically solid, but may loosen over time or during transit. If the knot is large, but solid, it should not be a cause for concern.
  • Bark: Cedar naturally has a lot of ingrown bark seams that will show up in the finished product. We try to make it as small as possible.