Welcome to the Lodge

Located in the beautiful Ozarks sits a small farm, on this farm is a family committed to creating unique pieces of cedar furniture. 
First our trees are harvested by local land owners, most are clearing there land for homes and businesses.  Other trees are from the Ozarks and are being repurposed after storms or tornadoes have taken them down.  Our goal is to give these trees new life, we do this by creating the beautiful pieces we sell.  That being said, our shop has been creating custom pieces since 2011.  Our owner, has been working with his hands in various fields of carpentry since he was a boy. Three generations before him taught him the skills he utilizes today.

We want only to make things of purpose, therefore you are encouraged to contact us, talk to us, explain your vision and allow us to assist in your creation.  Our products are made with Eastern Red Cedar unless note otherwise and they are left raw and unfinished, unless you request otherwise.

Please feel free to contact us at any point from start to finish.  Bring your friends, they are always welcome.

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